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Garage Door Repair in Waterbury, CT

The pros at Garage Door Repair of Waterbury, CT will promptly handle any of your garage door service needs. Whether it is a small adjustment or a fully custom, top-of-the-line system installation, call us to get the job done right!

You Know When It’s Time To Call Us 

Our technicians can cover the full list of service and repairs. We provide replacement parts or install new parts to upgrade your system. Even if you just need help troubleshooting an issue, give us a call!

Garage door repair can be a tricky job for the average DIYer. Before you replace your own torsion springs or put up a new door, let us help with the heavy lifting. Certain parts can be challenging to install, so it’s best to hire a professional. Our techs also grease all the parts as needed.

Why It Is Critical To Service Your Garage Door

Regular garage door maintenance is essential for extending the life of your system. A trained technician can ensure your parts are current and performing at an optimal level. They also can identify any potential issues with your product during a routine check.

We recommend the following things be checked on a regular basis:

  • Check the eye sensors on the doors to make sure it stops when someone walks through and breaks contact of the sensors.
  • Keep the batteries changed regularly.
  • It is also recommended that you check your door to ensure that it is not out of balance.

These are only a few of the things you can self-diagnose. Our techs can assist with troubleshooting in case you run into any issues.

Help! My Garage Door Sounds Terrible!

Even with advances in construction and technology, garage door services and maintenance are a part of life for any homeowner. We can help you know what to look for if there are signs of wear and tear or possible damage. Check the following parts:

  • Springs can snap as a result of rust and will need to be replaced. Should you notice signs of rust, call us.
  • Rollers should be round and smooth. Over the course of time they will begin to wear and even get holes.
  • Cables can cause additional issues if they manage to snap and break. You can stay on top of things by looking for signs of rust.

These are just a few of the parts that should be regularly inspected so that you can replace as needed and your door lasts a long time.

During our routine visits, our pros check all of the parts for rust and damage. If even one part is out of adjustment it can cause all sorts of bigger problems later. Ignoring regular service can lead to more costly repairs later on.

When Emergencies Happen

If you end up on the wrong side of a door that decides to quit, it is definitely time to give us a call! We’re available after hours so we will do everything we can to be there to fix the problem.

Whether your door breaks or a spring snaps, it could be a safety hazard. Don’t try to repair it yourself. Please reach out to us as soon as possible!

Let Us Take Care Of You

From major installation services to an emergency call, Garage Door Repair of Waterbury, CT is available at a moment’s notice. You are important to us. Call us for service you can trust and a product experience you will love.

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